My Routine

What is up my niggas o_O (dont shoot)
What did I do on this beautiful day?

numero uno: I ate
numbero dos: I ran
numer tresss: I ate sommore

can my life get any more facinating. that was not a question.


Yippy Yo Yippy Yay!

I am 36% Idiot.
Ain't Too Bright
I ain't too bright. But all those other idiots annoy the hell out of me. I may not be the brightest bulb in the bunch, but at least I know my limits.

Well, that was fun.

I am feeling oldschool.

and passed moral(with black and white colours) ... you may now all bow at my feet ;)


School smhoool.. ?

I have to go to school tomorrow.
It will be Monday, and that is what I usually do on Mondays, I go to school.
I don't really want to go to school tomorrow, there are plenty of other things I would like to do.
In fact, I think I will list them here.
  1. catch up on homework.
  2. clean my room
  3. go see a movie
  4. sleep
  5. go to the zoo
  6. read
  7. jump
  8. play
  9. relax
  10. be with friends (and have nothing stupid happen)
  11. make something delicious
  12. ride my bike
  13. go on a picnic
  14. shop
Now just look at that.
I'd rather be doing any of those things than going to school Monday, and that is a lot of things.
Ah well, nothing I can do about it.
I have homework to do, but I'm not doing it. I'm too lazy for that. and I don't like it, its not fun.
Until next time, ciao!

Your not perfect. But I got nerve

I cant believe I wasted 120 minutes of my life watching "The most talk about event ever in the history of tv!". Who the hell did the commercial anyway?

Hannah Monblablabla.. Best Of Bothyadayadayada..
Featuring.. the

It SOOOO wasn't the best of both worlds.
The *bleeping* 3D goggles keep slipping. Ca-pa-lang quality.



Gotta play RollerCoaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes expansion pack before my dad gets home and finds me on the computer because im saposed to be studying.
I hate school work... damnit

school is teh gay!!



I dislike dumb people.

I like cleaning
I like threasures
and rhinoceroses

and maths
and stenciling

I also like hollo-grams
eh? eh?


It's amazing what boredom can cause a person to do.
haven't been posting anything decent lately.

So.. I'm sure you're wondering what's that picture for, righrightright??
well, as you know, today's Father's Day!
& .. umm... well I'm sure you've guessed it by now!

ahhh.. hush puppies underwear.
*check size*
You think I that fat ah??
WAIT! dont answer me
... haiyooo
HEY! at least it's branded!
and comfy................................ right? it gotta be comfy. I think it's comfy. At least thats what it says.
I haven't tried it on yet


Nat is simply shitting up MC's life.

this is Natalie updating for Manju, since she just hasn't found the time to do it herself.

Wow its been a while, but the past few months i havent had a computer because it has been in the shop getting repaired. But i have it back now so its all the shits now spamming your blog
Anywho the past few days all ive done was totally rearranged my room, cause my parent's can't bear the sight of it.
Hung out and walked around with Mc and Jane and such which was cooooo.We came back to Ee wei's and played monopoly which i didnt want to play so i was the bank But she had to leave so poo So Mc, Jane and I came back to my house and we played video games for hours. We ordered pizza and that was fun stuff and here we are! Wow dude we all sat around and slept at, like what? like 6 in the morning and no one wanted to play barbie....gay!
So now here i am at 9 oclock in my jammys wishing somone would hang with me today but i dont think its gonna happen.
Boom baby!!

Astro is simply shitting up my life.

It is an option of some people that i should update..


Well the break is over, i had alot of fun. It just went by so fast =/

Tell me, did it fucking rain this morning? cause my tv is fucking bull right now.

It says "Service is currently not available."
when it really should say "Your tv is fucked up right now."


A movie to brighten up your dull weekend.


Why wouldn't you watch this show??
with legs like that...
with clothes like that..
with (guys dressed up as girls) girls like this..

The macho blonde Adina

The fun-loving Daisy

The sensitive, plus-sized Roberta


ANYWAys if you read this far then i commend you on you caring.
Good day ladies and gentlemen.

p.s. I got my haircut. fo sho.
p.p.s. lets get together



wow dude i want to go to school, im really tired of the hols

I wish I had a camera so I too could show you all of the wonderful things I have been doing.

I watched all Prison Break season 3 episodes.
(pictures of Micheal Scolfield)

I have been hanging out with my friends, and its been great.
(pictures of my friends being great)

I'm looking forward to school starting, I guess. We'll make it fun right guys?

and I'll be off to Genting with Jerynn and Amelia.
Dont expect any pictures :)