Hating Paris Hilton Hating :D

Zao and I decided to do the same post today about paris.. i don't like skimpy rich blond chicks that talk with a valley girl slur. Hilton for example. However, I like the girl. Sure she can be slutty, skanky and steals boyfriends, make girls hate her, and boys want her. whatttever. that's her. that's what a celebrity is all about. move on. it's silly with the "keep paris hilton in jail" bs. She's probably getting let off easier than most but she's rich so she can do whattever the hell she wants. She gets media attention whether she's flashy or content. and now that she's dressing down, everyone is jumping fon her being proper. At least she doesn't need to get trashed, suffer in eating disorder, and going to rehab. Let her live her rich, bouncy, skimpy life. Most of us dont like her because she's wealthy anyway ;)

and yes. so many folks are surprised about how funky she looks. Hey, i had a friend once told me,

"Make-up work wonders and is one of the greatest evils. i've seen the ugliest bitches look goddamn gorgeous."

Thats my daily rant. I wasted it on expressing my love for Paris Hilton



Im grounded for one wholeee month.
Soooo, not gonna be posting for quite some time..
Thnx to RKA day.
Screw , screw, screwwww

Yeah, yeah, I know you'll miss me.


the next episode

Yeah, here's part2 of yesterday's blog. sorry, was soo tired last night to blog. Me, Jerynn, her bro, and Pp went to Times Square yesterday. We watch 'Fantastic Four'. It was really nice! I <3 the part where sue was on fire, and she was yellin at reed.. LOL!

Sue: AHHH!! REEED!!! REEEEEEEEEEED!!burning_eyes.gif
*reed wasn't listening*
Reed: Sue?? What happened to you???!!
Sue: I DON'T KNOW!!! JUST GET ME DOWN!!!!icon_gonk.gif
Reed: Sue!! YOUR ON FIRE!!!!
YA THINK?!icon_scream.gif


ok, back to the story.. Jerynn brough one of her friend, who's a boy, so of course la we tease her. We tried ditchin' Jerynn cause we want them to be alone, but we failed. So afta the movie, we went to eat sushi, then we met up with Jer's friend in one restaurant. Her bro ordered some food to eat, so we waited.. and waited.. and waited.. then he made fun of the waiter who was wearin a tight shirt.

Shaun: Jerynn, see that waiter? His shirt damn tight wei.
Jerynn: Yala...
Shaun: Can even see the shape of the nipple.
Jerynn: Sick la you! First thing you look at ppl is their nipple! BODOH!
*hits his head*


"The End"

In those in need of a good laugh, check out these videos, HILLARIOUS!
'staring, JIM CARREY!!

Todays Fathers day.. I was supposed to make my dad breakfast in bed, but i overslept. Hehe, can't help it laaa, slept late yesterday. So my dadi made buggar today for lunch today. Kaakakakka!

Happy Fathers Day, Dadi!!


appy Birthday Grandma!!

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Most people don't know who they are.
That's why they lie.
They're afraid someone else will figure it out before they do;
++One Tree Hill


Group Stuff. Not.

Mhmm, me, andrew, elxa, eewei, aaron, and sum otha ppl were chattin on msn. I was bored sooooooo i brought up one stupid topic.

Stupid Topics #1

Hey, I like lamb. Lamb, LaMb, LAMB!icon_rolleyes.gifxxc


Mc: WAY!


Andrew: DONKEY!

Mc, Elxa, Ee Wei, Aaron, Anna, ...etc.. : icon_stare.gif

Andrew: WHAT????

*ignores him*

Anna: I like cow. Cows are sexy.

Mc: Dont change subject.. I say lamb, means oni lamb..icon_stare.gif

Anna: Mooooo!

Mc: icon_rolleyes.gif

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Oh yes, the past can hurt,
but the way i see it-
you can either run from it,
or learn from it;
++The Lion King


Make-up is botox.. :) ignore that

I went to this website which aaron told me about.
It can match your face with another celebrity, so i tried it on Joe Jonas

Well, at least I know where he get his looks from .



Today was soo boring, so I had to entertain myself.. :P.. noo that doesn't mean i tried to lick my nose. I played 'Zoo Tycoon' on my dad's laptop. The best part about creatin your own zoo, is that you can set the animals free. I was waitin for my dinosaur eggs to hatch, so I could set them FREE! But their not ready. So i'll wait until the time comes. I killed at least 7 people i think. Due to having no life. I even tried to drown the visitors, but it was impossible. You just can't drown them. Nvm, i'll try again, and again, until I succeed!

~lets have a moment of silence to mourn for the unknown strangers I killed~

Stranger 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ... etc..
Cause of death : Eaten my Mc's zoo animals

Time of Death : 2100

~Rest In Peace, you will always be in my dept.

Ok, let get back to reality. Last night I watch 'Ghost Rider' .What is it with him and always pointing at people sayin either, "Innocent / Guilty / Look Into My Eyes".. and the ppl will be like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" .. mhmm.. and when he points, his mouth will frown in a funny way. Voila-->. And there are some parts when im like . Seriously, some parts just dont make any sense. Poor unfornate directors. Pity, pity, tsk..tsk.. Other than that, I watched 'Babi and da puper', 'Shrek 3', and 'Robin hood'. My sis was watchin, so I tag along.

"Rapunzel, Repunzel, let down your extenssions!" bauhaha! Repunzel is fake!

Robin Hood!! "I AM FIRE TUCK, BOW BEFORE YE!".. *sucks tumb*

*Robin Hood Background Music*


Babi, you pronstarrrrrr!


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Thing don't happen for no reason,
They happen to teach you something;
++Boy Meets World


How Phua Chu Kang explains sex to aloysius

I read a funny message in the Bulletin board in friendster. And it realy crack me up =);

Making Love.. By Phua ChuKang

Chu Kang ( PCK ) explaining sex to Chu Beng's son, Aloysius...

Aloy : Why is making love so enjoyable?
PCK : Aiyah, ah boy, enjoyable becaws, same like when you dig your nose with your finger mah!

Aloy : Do you think women enjoy sex more than men?
PCK : Of course woman lah ! When you dig dig your nose, your nose feel better than your finger, right?

Aloy : Why do women hate it when they get raped?
PCK : Ai-yah! Say, you walk along the load, den someone come over and dig your nose, you like or not? Ehhh? Don't pray pray ah...

Aloy : Why is it a woman cannot have sex when she is having her menses?
PCK : Oy!! If your nose bleeding, you still go and dig meh?? Siow ah!!blain, use your blainnn.....

Aloy : Why is it most men don't like wearing condoms when they are making love?
PCK : Ehhhh, when you dig your nose ah, you like to dig with a glove on your finger or not? Not the same shiok feeling mah. Corlight or not?

Aloy : Why is making love carried out in private?
PCK : Ah boyyyyy, use your blain, use your blainnnnn. you go and dig your nose in flont of your whole class izit? Stupidlah!!

Aloy : Wah...... Uncle Chu Kang, you are verygood.
PCK : Aiyah...... best in Singapore and JB,and some say Batam also ah!!!

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Gravity isn't responsible for people falling in love;
++Albert Einstein