Amos Chitty?

Another day in the interesting life of manjusha chitty && who else would be better for the job of telling it, except manjusha chitty.

Dont think anything exciting is goin to happen today, nothing has yet, but ill keep ya updated if something does.

Later today, im gonna go to the mall with Jed and my aunt, and thats going to be fun I can tell.
He wants a pink belt (he has every other colour cept' pink, thats why he's gettin it), which is kinda dumb (nothing agaisnt pink belts)
Cause he goes to school (obviously he has to wear school uniforms that SUCK) and he cant wear it there.
He cant wear it to golf, he cant wear it to karate (but that would be cool if he could, pink belt xD)
So I guess he could wear it on the weekend, but it wouldnt match any of the clothes he wears.

Guess wat?!
My good ole friend Megan just gave me a packet of famous amos cookies!!!!
Shes the coolest person ive met this whole year (along with Hui Wen) thanks Megan!

Wally, why can't you be related to me?

ohoh fireworks tonight.
So that is/was today.
Aight, Im out. Have fun doin wateva your doin!

Will be going to Malacca this afternoon, for certain reasons.


Ok well Im gonna post later today, it's 12:09 in the mornin right now, so I still consider it friday, but yanno, poeple would get confused so I just wrote this as if it were saturday, cause it is saturday. God Im confused HA!
Sunday, August 10 (just 2 of the 5 pics)


19 pictures



Emily ;D


Spot the differences between the top picture and the bottom

omfg. super blonde moment


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7/8, 8, 9.
Look at seven. Spot the smartness there.

Handy Dandy Videos

Ahhahaaa! Lookie what I received from Siti.

Recorded earlier this year.

From post Sunday, July 20.

From post Friday, August 1.



Hello! Boy have I got something for you!
My dad bought cempedak.
And. It. Was. Sweet :D

SO yesterday my aunt was being original. She bought Die Hard 1:Special Edition.
Like I haven't watched it 3 times already.
But nooo, like she said, its "SPE-SSHIAL Edition".
Lastly she fell asleep before the movie even finished.
Oh yeah. Special Edition. Whoopie doodle dee.

Right now I'm in the middle of reading this. Everyone's addiction for now.


Run MC Run!

Recently I went to this Larian Perpaduan Merdeka.
Its a running marathon, as if you dont know that by the tittle.
Pictures from chi's blog :)


Siti's yeng walk

Chi/Choi Yoong :D

There! I finally post about it! HAPPY??!?

Love from a Sabahan

Here I am, blogging, instead of going to Sungai Wang with Jer, Chi, they all.
I hate my life.
nahh, I'm jokin :|

Well well well, lookie who's here...

pictures are blur, due to the caplang quality of my webcam

laugh all you want dammit



Im not cute, sue me

sorry. no fucking mood to blog.
this is what happens when I start my day with people being all emo.
oh and did you hear about..

Yang Peiyi (right) was chosen to perform the anthem "Hymn to the Motherland" at the opening 2008 Olympic ceremony in Beijing. However, because of Peiyi's buck teeth, another girl, Lin Miaoke, appeared at the ceremony and lip-synced to Peiyi's voice. A member of the Chinese politburo influenced the decision after watching a rehearsal.

Lin Miaoke (left) appeared to sing the anthem "Hymn to the Motherland" at the Olympic opening ceremony on August 8, 2008. However, her performance was mimed after the actual singer, Yang Peiyi, was not allowed to perform at the ceremony because of her buck teeth.

what the ****? not cute enough? How do you think her parents feel!
what do they mean by chubby? look at her pictures online, then tell me she's chubby!
fucking liars.


Mc-- my own ad

Haven't been bloggin these past few days, dad took the laptop for his work.
Anyway, went out to Ou (again!) with a few other people.
will blog about it next week, and the pictures too.

Seriously? what has the world come to?

If Paris can run for president, then I soo got the right to own my own mamak stall!

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die



12 Pictures

Went to Ou for lunch before going to school to watch Vball Interhouse game on Thursday, July 20.
Took a couple(or more) pictures.

gay heart #1

Lala pose, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1

gay heart #2

loads more. But dammit, thats enough right?