Psych you out in the end

A "short drive" is from here to Kelana Jaya,
A "short drive" is as short as 1 km,
A "short drive" is like Kentucky crossing the road,

check this out;

Manj, wanna follow me go take a short drive.
K, where?



soooooo, I had to follow my dad go to Malacca and come back. yeah, in one night.



Though I only know you for a year, I don't regret having a friend like you :)

I wanna say thanks for all the times you help me when I needed help,
you know, with homework and such, like, MATHS.. so on..

ahh.. not to mention your mood swings that I had to tolerate sometimes ;D

"May all your wishes comes true!"


"You owe me your story book for this wonderful post ;)"

Ciaozz, old ladeee :D :D :D
now now, that was a joke.
Dont take it too hard




Well basically hols has been a total boredom//
of course I went, out, you know, 1U, Mid-Valley, S. P, Giant,
how could you all like going to the same place over, and over again?!
here's a few of the movie;s I watched so far;


I am obsessed with Clumsy, it has been on repeat for ages :D :D :D
Oh yeah, I sorry I haven't been updating any post nowadays. :)
Its under constuctions,,,,,, AHAHHHA!! sigh.

Right. I wont be blogging through the holidays in the middle of December i think.
Miss me. I know you will!

P/s: I KILLED 6 mosquitoes these past two days! HOMFG! I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF!

killed as in, with own hands, not using the new tech- sprayys. :D


Soo Super

Cool right? :D
Sign something la people!

I see people visiting but I dont see no one spamming in the cbox!
What is everyone's problem!!

when I delete my cbox, you complain, that there no place to spam..
and when I have one, you don't at all..

I dont understand you people.

New Do, New Look

sorry I haven't been updating nowdays.
so, to make your day, here a picture..


TOYs R' Me

SO I found this stack of boxes on top of my cupboard, six boxes actually..
and it was filled with my old stuff toys ;D
yeah, cool right?
I didn't even know I had it until yesterday ;)
then I took out 4 boxes and left the other 2 un-open, it was too high up, or is it because i'm short. wtv..
the four boxes of toys ;D

Gal was here so we started camera whoring. Took photos with her camera.
And mine. Yay!
we have a supa~kewl Indian+Cina+Kadazan family photo!!

makeup ;D


Happy Belated Deepavali to anyone who's celebrate it

stupid internet connection..
lagging like shit.


nothing much has happen during this hols.

Went to malacca for Deepavali..
which stinks...

not many people came..
hot as hell there..
the air-conditioner doesn;t seem to work in the afternoon..
my grandma didn't suscribe to mtv, cinemax.. etc..

so you can guess how boring it was..

luckily, Nish was there :D
giving back-rubs

Cool hair right?

more pics coming soon.



IF your into stick animations