LaLa - fied

more pictures coming..

I'm in Amelia's house now to do Sivik Project. (yeah, sivik)
sooo... why not post one of her hundred picture she takes of herself..

Topic of our life today: Lala talks
Why the tittle so small?
Argh! Fine!

Topic of our life today: Lala Talks
Can make it bigger ah?
Its the Biggest d lar!
Bold it lar
Ah, now you tell me.

Topic of our life today: Lala Talks

AmElia arhx, wHy So lOnG dUn Go oN9 Wan?
yea marhhhz mayb u din c c me gua
LiKe LoNg TiMe No ChAt WoRhzz
Oh manju orhxz mIs eu so MuChIe oH dUn So lala arhzx can marhxzzz
I veri BorING now oRh, coMe OnliNe cHat wIth MiE LoRhzZz..
iii lurp u orhxzz
Me LuB eUUu TooO orh.

This post is not to offened anyone, (just lala people)
After all, what would the world be without all you people.
Plus, blogging will be boring without lala entertainment.

Lub euu people arhhzz!!


Post #2

Hey look... here I go with another post :)

What did I do today you ask... besides pms-ing and ranting..

Woke up, got on the computer, played some games, slept, mom got home... brought ice cream, ate ice cream, got on computer... signed in to friendster again(havent been on it for a while now) after coming to the ultimate conslusion that it was a complete waste of my time, then realized I waste my time all day, so why not.

alright, till tomorrow.

I hate pms mood swings

shouldnt have put fucking braces on.
now everytime when I gotta change it, either my dad's too damn busy, or my aunt's to bloody lazy. fucking waste my time.

"no (fucking) time lar"
"gotta bring my (fucking) car to the workshop"
"next (fucking) week lar"

sorry, gotta rant a little. no jokes or whatever in this post. maybe later. and no there wasn't any "fucking" word in their sentence.

GARRRHHH!! MOTHA @#%& fucking pms mood swings.


Fee Fii Fho Fum

My second post of the day, cause I skipped Saturday.
Gonna make this short.
Just came back from Giant. Had to buy a new uniform.
Cause its small. Cause I grew (fatter).

I dont know if thats a good thing or bad thing.
Probably a good thing. I think. Well you decide.

Why so serious?

"We must not look at goblin men,
We must not buy their fruits:
Who knows upon what soil they fed
Their hungry thirsty roots?"

You're The Rooty-Tooty Cross-Eyed Cutie Who Put The Oom In My Oom-Pa-Pa :D

In case the whole world didn't know, I went to Ou yesterday at 10, and went home at 10.
Went with*takes deep breath* Amelia, Jerynn, Sharon, Beatrice, Siti, Mazayu, Wei Seong, and Wee liam. *gasp for air*

Caught on camera: Wei Soong In The Girls Toilet

Look below for a good laugh: Jerynn Batting

Ok, gotta stop before she kills me.

We.. um.. watched a movie.. or you can say a couple of movies.. like *cought*three*cough*

The film was a masterpiece.

The Joker scared the freaking crap outta me. It was sick. Absolutely sick. He looked sinister, dark, intense, plain psychopathiche, and he absolutely kicked Jim Carreys ass as Joker. Perfect.
Oh, and the nurse thing was great, but what really made the Joker for me was the disappearing pencil trick. I almost died laughing and that was only the beginning!
nobody in the theater got up to leave to go to the washroom or get some food. even me
If you've seen it, you'll know. Dammit Heath, you played one mean sick and twisted Joker.

spoof! watch!

OK, gotta move on with the next movies before I type a long post about him.

*will post about it soon*

*read top*

Muahahah! Cant wait till Twilight come out! Its a movie btw(duh!).




a really inspiring video. strange.. good message.. but weird.

"I believe that I'm probably going to win the lottery in 2009."

to keep it short, will be going to Ou tomorrow with 9 other lifeless people.


this post has no capslock.

Are you an Elf or a Dwarf? (Fantasy Races)
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Dwarf

An enormously proud people, the Dwarves are quick to react to any slight, real or imagined, and remember any such infraction for years, even passing on the responsibility of vengeance to their heirs.
The only thing that the Dwarves love more than a good mug of ale is gold. A Dwarf in the throes of goldlust is a thing to behold. The race's legendary drive and stamina is brought into sharp relief when they are presented with the opportunity to acquire gold. As miners and experts on ore and metals, the Dwarfs are without peer. Items of Dwarf craftsmanship and engineering are the most valuable in all the world, revered even by the Elves.

(Art by Jenny Dolfen)





Huh? Apparently... oh well, I don't know. Lol, I think that this test is a little in-conclusive <_<>
"my underwear is made in bangladesh" says jed.

"great! now my life is complete!" says mc.

Ugh... today was brutal and sucked in general. i went to this amazing race in taman mayang that was organised by my teacher. and my legs are *censored* sore. that was followed by me coming home and taking my sunday ritual nap... ohh yeahh, having the time of my life now. i love every last stinkin one of ya.

anyway, what i've been up to lately? been chillin with my pops. watched some kung fu panda(fourth time watching it), iron man, indiana jones, and the hulk. even my dad buys pirated dvd. what more a better dad? ;D

So here I am... posting. awoken from my slumber, I tell you people about my life-o'la. TA-DA!



an update is a must...
I found my phone! Thanks for all your prayers.

Oh, and um, did I mention that from now on, I'll only be blogging on the weekends?
I can only go to youtube on the weekends.
I can only go play online games on the weekends.
c) I can only use the com on weekends.