"Maaf! (ic no) tidak dipilih untuk menyertai PLKN Siri 7/2010. Terima kasih."


*runs around KL naked*


wait for me baby.


R.I.P king of pop

I can't fucking believe it.
Micheal Jackson, passed away?



Oh my oh my

Before i post anything, i just wanna say...
to maz/binti, ma homie, STRAIGHT ALL THE WAY!
to mia mia & nab nab, ma sworn enemies, please dont hit me with your make-up bag. You might hurt my feelings *tear*


Oh my manliness!!
The Last Airbender is coming out in 2010?!
Wat da ikan??!
I can't wait that long!! Siao!!

Oh my awesomeness!!
Watch the trailer for 2012!
Fucking aamaazing man.

peace brotha
(cause only straight people do that *winkwink*)


The story of a family made of poop.

ma sista from ta hood 8)

"Lets put a smile on your face"
ma sistas froma anotha motha 8)

this is how much amelia luurves meh


I got my results! I passed all subjects with friggin rainbow colours!! I even scored 3A's!!!!


Pffftttt!!!! That's. A. LIE!!!


To Amelia & Maz:
I can almost see it,
That dream I'm dreamin but,
There's a voice inside my head sayin you'll never reach it...
bla bla bla..



I know what you did last Hannukah

The only thing jerynn and her brother, shaun have in common : driving skills

(langgar the poor man and the tree)

(langgar the tree)

Pd... coming soon...


Something about nothing

me and jerynn got lost while riding the bus. a-freaking-gain.

seriously, its like she's jinx or something XD

she blogged, and i quoted "when theres jerynn u'll never fear! :D"
-.- ...?
kns, maybe THAT'S the reason why we keep getting lost together, cause her so-called FEARNESS!



My Rotten Lil Lollypop

Well... for those of you who were like "OMFG where the **** is MANJU!" on Sunday.

well, after gym, jerynn FORCED me to go with her to 1u for some maple convention/Asia soft thingy.
you know la, only game addicts people (nerds) aka jerynn, will only go there.

out of the damn blue, i got called on stage!
like hello, do i look loike i play computer games? (besides sims la)

i didnt want to go cuz, halo, embarassing like hell, but noooo, thank jerynn for PUSHING me!

bozo the clown looks on.
damn cinapek took this.

nyek nyek, but bcuz of me, she got called too!
and thanks to me, she got a maple doll!

too make jerynn happy, i was also FORCED to create a maple acc cuz she SO CALLED intro me, she gets 5k credits.
too make HER happy again, i gave her my new maple acc so she can have my 5k credits inside it.

Muthusamy92, thats my maple name XD

turns out no one have that name. Figures.

F.O.S (Full Of Shit)

picked the most ugliiest outfit..

sepet eyes.
she look.. loike.. my.. mama!

ooh smexi

muhahhahha!! >:D


Jr Einstein

two reasons why Jed is not so bright.

why is the space bar so0 long?
uhh.. i dunno..
cuz its a SPACE bar!! with lotsa SPACE!!
*wtf moment*

when did the world war 2 started?
..? like i know..
it started between world war 1 & world war 3!!
*wtf moment*




poem to make your day!

Cs always let people bully,
Maybe I am really so lousy,
Although knife people is so happy,
But I am always so unlucky,
Kena headshot easily,
After mati still mati.

My look is fucking ugly,
Saya mari girl girl lari,
Everyday date them they only say busy,
Semua orang tak ada hati,
Make me always so lonely.

Why my class always no pretty,
Those elephant all sexy wannabee,
The monster wanna treat me nicely,
Like that I better mati.

Tiap-tiap hari feel so lazy,
Never try to wake up early,
Always hope school sekarang cuti,
Everyday go school feel so sleepy,
Lecturer always scold me lazy,
Do homework just like to copy,
Before the final just feel worry,
Every night study until crazy,
Because scared scold by mommy.

... umm... ... ... well, there you go, an update.