Sabah, baby

this is sad..

this is why i love Sabah..

P- fuckin M R just came out.



okay.. sure
oh right, merry christmas
its two days late, but who cares.

and what's christmas without christmas vid's?


News, News, News!

tmr i'm off to Sabah.
gonna spend christmas there ;D
my fliht is at 4.00



oh yeahhh//

there goes my sleep

- - - - - -

Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant




I heard once on the radio, that some people judge people just by their name.


if a parent want their child to be sexay, they'll pick some hot name to name him/her.

exc: Jessica Alba: yeah, you can say that the name sounds hot for some of you.

'Cash' is kinda a hot name..
it resembles duit. also known as money.
which I'm lacking of.

i mean, look at cash warren. He's jessica's beau.
and I guess Johnny Cash ain't so bad ;D

sooooo, I've been thinking, that.. if my bro was named Cash, he'll look hot.
ok, maybe only.

or, if he was named Bobby, maybe he wouldn't be so emo.
I dunno.

wtv......... it's out of the topic.

today I went to the dentist, IMMA GETIN BRACES ON THE 5th.

damn it.. long time more..

so today they went put some gooey stuff in my mouth, it's like chewing gum, but you can't eat it. you can try, but that'll probably be your last wish.

neway, it will take the shape of your teeth and turned it into somethin like a teeth sculpture.

like the ones the doctors that comes to your school and shows you how to brush your teeth with the big fake teeth. yeah.. that one.

and it was hard to breath, the dentist said to breath in using your nose, and breath out by your mouth.
which isn't that easy when you have a metal thing in your mouth

and that was my day :)



Well, I just got done having my birthday thing.

I did a bong.
I did. I did!
A bong! A bong!
A bong I did!

I'm not gonna tell you what Hui Ting bought for me. Too weird

He would have been the perfect present :(

Just Vids

remember true emos are overly emotional.


Sweet lil' ol' thing

For all the spoiler of barbie; buy this book.

visit the website: The Barbisms



my bro get the bigger cake cause he's emo :)

Marble cheese cake

Double Choc


My chemical romance is coming to town- - screw santa

Its pretty lame, for some of you. But funny


Prep? me?


[x] You got the massive side fringe thing going on.
[x] You think nobody understands you.
[ ] You went to! Give It a Name.
[ ] You wear studded belts.
[ ] You wear band hoodies.
[ ] Camden is your life.
[ ] The expression on your face is mostly a sulk.
[ ] You cry when you see dead animals.
[x] Boys clothes are great because they're purposely baggy.
[ ] You don't like your body.
[ ] You love brightly coloured eyeshadow.
[ ] The more piercings a boy / girl has, the more turned on you are.
[ ] You are phobic of the preps because they're too damn happy.
Total: three


[ ] You love Alice bands.
[ ] You live for vintage.
[ ] You're a damn skinny bitch / bastard.
[x] If you could, you'd talk about music all day.
[ ] You rate Jeff Buckley, Belle and Sebastian, and Jenny Lewis.
[x] You are intelligent and love literature and art.
[ ] People who wear Nirvana hoodies are such sheep.
[ ] You talk about music with real passion.
[x] You'd rather sit and appreciate music then trying to fight your way to the front and pathetically scream the singer's name.
[x] You are pretty mature, but a bit stuck up.
[x] It makes you want to throw up when you see girls in massive furry boots!
[x] You fall for boys with messy hair and vintage jeans/ pretty, petite girls with quirky style.
[x] You're naturally shy or confident in a quiet way.
Total: seven


[ ] Your screename, user name, or quote on your page is something from a poem.
[ ] You wear metal crosses.
[ ] You fear the word "conformist".
[ ] You love walking home alone in the dark.
[ ] You wear thick black eyeliner.
[ ] You wear dark lipstick.
[ ] You love the dark side to things.
[x] You still listen to Evanescence.
[ ] Your favourite books are by Anne Rice.
[ ] And the greatest show in the world is Buffy.
[ ] You're romantic.
[x] You have long hair, possibly dyed black.
[ ] You write your own fan fiction, poetry, or anything to do with vampires.
[ ] You prefer to be alone.
[ ] You like to sit in your local graveyard with friends.
Total: two


[ ] You have a lot of exclamation marks and smiley faces in your screename.
[ ] Your MySpace pics are of you and your friends cuddling, smiling and making the peace sign
at parties.
[x] You say "OMG!" and "Love you, babe!" all the time.
[ ] You love pink.
[x] You fall for cute blonde guys who play sports / cute blonde girls who wear bronzer.
[x] You cry at films like A Walk to Remember, Titanic, and The Notebook.
[x] You love cuddly dogs and cats.
[ ] You're always smiling.
[x] You really care deeply for your friends and family and would do anything for them.
[ ] You make sure everybody knows it's your birthday by wearing a massive badge and hat.
[x] Every event has to be celebrated full on.
[x] Where would the world be without shopping?
[x] You are very sensitive.
Total: eight


[x] You swear a lot.
[x] You're still wearing velour tracksuits and not just as pyjamas or to the gym.
[ ] If it's not branded, what's the point?
[ ] You wear a lot of mascara.
[x] You come from a big family.
[ ] You slick your hair back and wear a visor / cap.
[ ] You talk back to teachers at school.
[ ] Getting on buses seems to be your life.
[ ] You drink mostly alcho-pops and beer.
[ ] Pink and / or white are the colours you wear all the time.
[ ] You talk at three times the necessary volume, anywhere you go.
[ ] You never see the point in going home.
[ ] You wear teeny denim mini skirts.
[ ] You like to hang outside your local shop.
Total: three


[ ] You listen to rap and only rap.
[ ] Your friends are mostly, if not all, black.
[ ] It's very hard to find your weak spot.
[ ] You believe in rebellion.
[x] You wear mostly caps or your hood up.
[ ] You're often picking fights with the rival gangsta gang.
[ ] You come from a broken home.
[x] You take the view that it's a cruel world and everyone has to look out for themselves.
[ ] You stand outside your house for no reason.
[ ] In your house and car you have a ghetto blaster and play it with the windows open.
[ ] You go to underground clubs of which you get searched for drugs at the front.
[ ] You're tough.
[ ] And when you swear, it has way more menacing impact than the Chavs.
Total: two


[x] You wear baggy jeans most of (if not all of) the time.
[ ] You're proud that you smoke pot.
[ ] Everyone like you congregates in a certain place.
[ ] You wear band t-shirts.
[ ] You hate Chavs.
[ ] You sulk a lot.
[x] You have self inflicted scars.
[ ] You think about death a lot.
[ ] You scare old people when they walk past.
[x] Most of your clothes are dark.
[ ] You use pencil eyeliner.
Total: three


[x] You wear black, always.
[ ] You worship the devil.
[ ] You hate rap.
[ ] You worship Slipknot and / or Nirvana.
[ ] You'd like to die like a rockstar.
[ ] You wear your eyeliner in lines down your cheeks.
[ ] You hand out your fags like candy.
[ ] You're old school because you've been a "Greebo" for 6 months.
Total: one

anyway, i'm sure most of you heard there's a sequel to Chronicles Of Narnia ; Prince Casbian

nad wt?! it's only coming out next year.


Damn it

Ignore my header for the time being, I know its stupid, wtv.

Remember, it takes a while to look this fabulous. ;D


The world can't get any stranger..


this dude here..

My cousin, Zach, has reportedly passed the test to be in the Eagle Court of Honor.
A scout, actually. The highest rank in scouts.


sorry bout that, couldn't stop laughing after seeing the following words;

-He's definately very helpful when it comes to helping people. Like, example, when I needed help to carry the plates outside. His overwhelming reply of "That's okay, you're doing a GREAT job!", and then walks away.

-Obedient is his specialty. Like when his dad is talking to him. "Zach, I need you to take care of Amanda, okay?" "Why? She can take care of herself." "Come on, please." "Fine, watever!"

-Cheerful, ah, is his middle name. With his oh-so-good-emo emotions. "Zach, why don't you meet those people over there." *gruunttt**snooort*, ignore's them and continue enjoying himself by reading the exiting Harry Potter book VII.

-don't make me show you his room.

The guy who calls this his posh pose.

and gave bitchy looks.

wrrriighht, who knew this dude has what it takes to be.. umm.. what was that word?.. oh, right, normal.


Psych you out in the end

A "short drive" is from here to Kelana Jaya,
A "short drive" is as short as 1 km,
A "short drive" is like Kentucky crossing the road,

check this out;

Manj, wanna follow me go take a short drive.
K, where?



soooooo, I had to follow my dad go to Malacca and come back. yeah, in one night.



Though I only know you for a year, I don't regret having a friend like you :)

I wanna say thanks for all the times you help me when I needed help,
you know, with homework and such, like, MATHS.. so on..

ahh.. not to mention your mood swings that I had to tolerate sometimes ;D

"May all your wishes comes true!"


"You owe me your story book for this wonderful post ;)"

Ciaozz, old ladeee :D :D :D
now now, that was a joke.
Dont take it too hard




Well basically hols has been a total boredom//
of course I went, out, you know, 1U, Mid-Valley, S. P, Giant,
how could you all like going to the same place over, and over again?!
here's a few of the movie;s I watched so far;


I am obsessed with Clumsy, it has been on repeat for ages :D :D :D
Oh yeah, I sorry I haven't been updating any post nowadays. :)
Its under constuctions,,,,,, AHAHHHA!! sigh.

Right. I wont be blogging through the holidays in the middle of December i think.
Miss me. I know you will!

P/s: I KILLED 6 mosquitoes these past two days! HOMFG! I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF!

killed as in, with own hands, not using the new tech- sprayys. :D


Soo Super

Cool right? :D
Sign something la people!

I see people visiting but I dont see no one spamming in the cbox!
What is everyone's problem!!

when I delete my cbox, you complain, that there no place to spam..
and when I have one, you don't at all..

I dont understand you people.

New Do, New Look

sorry I haven't been updating nowdays.
so, to make your day, here a picture..


TOYs R' Me

SO I found this stack of boxes on top of my cupboard, six boxes actually..
and it was filled with my old stuff toys ;D
yeah, cool right?
I didn't even know I had it until yesterday ;)
then I took out 4 boxes and left the other 2 un-open, it was too high up, or is it because i'm short. wtv..
the four boxes of toys ;D

Gal was here so we started camera whoring. Took photos with her camera.
And mine. Yay!
we have a supa~kewl Indian+Cina+Kadazan family photo!!

makeup ;D


Happy Belated Deepavali to anyone who's celebrate it

stupid internet connection..
lagging like shit.


nothing much has happen during this hols.

Went to malacca for Deepavali..
which stinks...

not many people came..
hot as hell there..
the air-conditioner doesn;t seem to work in the afternoon..
my grandma didn't suscribe to mtv, cinemax.. etc..

so you can guess how boring it was..

luckily, Nish was there :D
giving back-rubs

Cool hair right?

more pics coming soon.



IF your into stick animations


OOOooOOhh! *screams*

Hallloween's today..
it's a pity we don't celebrate it..

well, wtv, here's a movie for you to watch this time of day :)

its not out yet, but when it is, watch it



Sweet Valley University

Luna Bay

Here are a few books that are preety nice..
That is if your into thriller and romance

Oh ya, I thought that these hols are gonna be so fun and rock so damn much!
3 months of not seeing any of my school books. Whee!
And I can go out with everyone and have fuuuuuuuuuun and SMILEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!



Here I am, dying of boredom
cause there are nothing to do at home..

oh goooooooooooooooooood...

i'm so missing out on all the news outside...