car accident in front of house. literally in front.
no, no one was hurt.
the two people who was involved r arguing.
no idea what they're saying cause they're speaking in tamil.
thanks dad for not teaching me.

Poliso mundo is here right now. hmm, mayb i shud make them some tea.

Did you off your lights?

well, did you?
eh, wee liam(loser), i on all my lights.
every. single. thing
call your lawyer la ;D

yesterday, a few hours before the concert, amelia called me and told me that she got two free tickets to Fahrenheit concert, so, i dont need to explain, of course la she ask me, xD

the sad thing was, i got no clue who Fahrenheit was, amelia does, but not me.
hey, free ticket? cute guys? whydahell not?
and of course, the whole time when they were singing i got no damn clue what they said.

had to cancel the outing with my noob friends xD

we should do a banner
but.. i lazy la
come on manju!
-.- fine

so we did la


*sketch sketch sketch*

you know, die hard fans will like paint it and all that.
amelia, no, nooo, i was just saying.
i dont like that look on your face, i was just joking, you know, ha-ha?
omg manju, what a good idea!
but i was just joking! aprils fools comin, its was an early april fools joke!
i think my poster paint is here somewhere.
oh gee, whats next? put glitter on the heart?
me and my big mouth.


retarded F & T.
eh, what you expect for a last minute thing

love heit, XD

i'll post the concert pictures later/tomorrow/next week. too lazy

ok, im FINALLY off to suria klcc with jedeeweiandrewmax! replace mah!


oh wonderful. my internet is lagging like incredible shit right now.



Sky Of Love Soundtrack

if you like yiruma/yui/japanese artists, then listen to these:
If you dont like them, whogivesadamn, just listen to it:

Utada Hikaru - First Love

Heavenly day - Aragaki Yui [Sky of Love] - Aragaki Yui

Mai Fukui - Ai no Uta [2008.8.20]
number 1

ok off to suria KLCC with jedeeweiandrewmax tonight for the earth hour madness.



sains test tmr. I think I should study. Oh you want me to actually open my book and read? I thought I was just THINKING.
homfg. Jonas brothers burning up is utube's 4th most viewed all time. WHAT IS GOING ON??!


Edward Cullen's old news


One show: Meteor Garden

One dude: Jun Matsumoto

Four words: best japanese series EVARH!

Four other words: way better than twilight!

watch it people!
no seriously, watch it.

*droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooools* x100

if you dont know who he is, its this dude,

(so hawt)

if you cant see clearly, its this dude

(so cool)

if the above picture is unavailable, its this dude

(so yeng)

if you cant remember, its this dude

(so man)

i repeat, its this dude

(so stylish)

(so lala)
zomg, this reminds me of chi yoong ;D

robert pattinson can never compete!
maybe carlilse, or jasper can

THANKS AMELIA! *winkwink*



ALL-RIGHTY! Tuition... Like, how toootally awesome is that?!


Now I know why everyone (well, not everyone) is addicticted to THE HILLS



Greetings fellow followers

this blog is not dead. wait, wait.. yeah it is.

amelia, you and i bersama-sama let our blog's die lah!

nuff said

skl's tmr. great, pn norlia's face again. damn.



OMG! YES! it just hit me!

i was right!

you know the tv series Dexter? if not, hello? what rock have you been living under?
and no, its not dexter the laboratory.

not this dexter,

but this one.

according to google, this is DeeDee(From Dexter's Laboratory)


does that look like deedee? i dont think so

you should get my point now, anyway, back to the topic, ya, his girlfriend, the blonde one, i kept thinking ive seen her somewhere before.
and now i know!!
she was Jane in George Of The Jungle 2!

haha. never judge my instinct.

anyhuu, since im off to bali tmr, my dad recommend me to google bali. just to know where is it, what they have, and all sorts of mumbo jumbo.

so, so far i know that bali is/has...

...a nice beach.

yep, half-an-hour checking websites about it and thats all i came up with.
beachbeachbitchbeach and more beach. gee, yayy..

ok im off to spam miamia cbox! TTYL!


I Kissed A Girl. Literally

For sparkles in you life, here's an update.

Eh, probably half of you guys update at least once a week ok!
so dont complainnnn.
i not so free blog everyday, unlike some people (Jed).
i also have to feed my dog and paint my nails.
cant live without me for a few days?

Gawd. i know im irresistable, but, COME ON! xD

Its Friday the 13th. OooOOooOooh.

watchout for this guy.
(he frightens teenagers who are bad)

DUM DUM *dramatic pause* DUMMM!

or worse....
(credits to chi choi)

watchout for BEH!!
(he frightens little kids with his colgate smile)

♫ DUM DUM *background effects* DUMMM! ♪

supposed to stay back after school today to take random class pictures. end up post-poning it.

nyeknyeknyek. got this from yee seng's blog

"Better than yee seng's!"
"RM 0.999"
"Longer than yee seng's" :O

classes today was...... boring/interesting.
played truth n dare, wel, it was more like dare n dare instead.
Yee Seng, the smart ass, dared everyone who kena to kiss someone.

hence, the tittle.



spm results tmr.
be afraid.
be very, *dramatic pause* afraid.


iLazy lah

school again? but I went yesterday!


todays woman/ladys day. oooooh the power *evil laughs*



HEY! First post, of the first day, of the third month. coolio.

anyway, we went to gym this morning.

we wanted to go to 2 classes, body attack & yoga, but nats dad said choose only 1.

so we tried the body attack, even though i really wanted to find my inner peace and practice being calm and serenity.
note to self: never try it again. i repeat, never EVER try it again.

Nevermind we were probably the youngest there, nevermind we didnt know the friggin steps, but we were practically dying.
Im. Not. Kidding.
Imagine, 1 full hour of none stop jumping, push ups, running, stretching, jumping again. Of course there's like 15 sec break in between.
No help.

oh oh, and the best part of all, we didnt bring any water in.
We. Didnt. Bring. ANY. Water. In.

it was like world war II. but with yoga mats. and we use our butts.

im oozing with pride to know that i survived. Yay me!

But the sauna was nice. It really relaxed my muscles and cleans my face from dirty impurities (since you sweat).
Ooh my face is baby butt soft. or maybe it already was. wtv.

and now my legs are sore. so is my arms. and my ass.