B'trice Hse..

weeee! went to b'trice hse ytrdy to do geo projk! did a lil', den chat. we taught jerynn how to pose, cuz she needs lesson xD! then we ordered pizza, i ate3, and the other 2 at 2.. and they call me small xP.. Then we talk, slowly frm talking, we began shouting, afta dat we started camwhoring <3

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An Entry

Ummm, first post huh. I would like to start this ensuring all of you that I don't like to post. I only come here out of my pure boredom and anxiety. So, don't be expecting me to post frequently or anything silly like that.

What did I do today you ask...

Woke up, got on the computer, played some games, slept, mom got home... brought fudge, ate fudge, got on computer... signed up for Xanga again after coming to the ultimate conslusion that it was a complete waste of my time, then realized I waste my time all day, so why not.

There it is... have a thought provoked day


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