I love cranberry juice... apparently cookies too...


(Enter tittle)

OK I only got 10 minutes of the com to myself till the girl who have the same blood type as me conquere's it.


Here are some memories: _________(enter space)

Have a nice day. Bye!



im at Darren's (LIEW!) house right now. So is Melissa, and Johanan.
(p/s: thanks Darren for using your laptop)

so this morning(earlier on) was pretty cool.
I went to Darren's around 9:00, I think, and we all hung out and worked on "fluffing up" (adding crap to make it longer, yet still make sense) his paper and what not.
We also made jello. But this isn't any normal king of jello. its "olive jello".
(i know it sounds weird)
it was a really dark green color jello, which makes you want to puke just by looking at it.
we mixed syrup and some orange flavor jello and thats what we got, and man was it good.
im serious, it was awesome tasting stuff.

till next time. adios!



`Mann: i wish i was a dude now

- Jed FC: dang man that sucks. i really dont want to be gay

so im being spied on.

my mom knows everything. its crazy to a point where I dont like it. (i think she reads this thing)
GREAT! there goes all my secrets. (not that I didnt type any here anyway)

ive got the "all-im-listenin-to-is-secondhand-serenade" disease.

i dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing.

& today i watched

or also known as Sky kids..

but to some people...
...., Yes, its Spy Kids...,

...with and all causcasion cast!!
(sorry, thats the first thought that came to mind when I saw it. That's the humor attempt you get before coffee in the morning)

&& i wanna watch the other one..

i love you all. and mom, what are we having for dinner tonight?


If the glasses fit

i love Tina Fey

River Flows In You - Yiruma

it'll make your heart melt


Hey! I'm immortal!

i am a really happy person right now.
this cheered me up. twilight spoof. watch the official trailer before watching this.



Well the end of yesterday ended up kinda odd.Jerynn's party yesterday wasn't quite I thought it'd be.

Lemme tell you what happened:
#1 Amelia, Tracy and myself, waited for Jerynn for two gawddamn long hours.
#2 When we were waiting, people keep staring (cause it was a formal party and we friggin wore formal clothing).
#3 Amelia's camera didn't work cause the batts low.
#4 Tracy's camera didn't work cause she forgot to bring her batts.
#5 My camera didn't work cause, well, I forgot to bring it.
#6 over 20 people, only 10 came.
#7 Amelia got drunk.
#8 Tracy got drunk.
#9 Had to walk the drunktards back to their cars.

Other than that, we watched Halloween. Its a 18pl movie, but the people there didnt seem to bother as they only want business.

wait.. BREAKING NEWS!!! i will not be going to school on Monday and Tuesday :)
the end.


Buck up and be a grandma!

last nite I hung with Jed a little bit, and then i went to Ee wei's house for a small gathering which was a lot of fun.
Saw kindergarden pictures of some people. Hell yes, I saw all of your young little faces.
Jed, Melissa, Charmaine, and some other faces I couldnt recognize were among the crowds. Hangin in the streets with the friends. Unfortunately I didnt bring my camera because my brother is was busy camwhoring with himself (inside joke).

And will be going to The Curve for Jerynn's Party later this afternoon.

OH yeah, did I mention that at the party (ee wei's gathering) we had to play truth or dare?

Cool dares (its cool cause I wasnt the one doing it)
#1: Drink quarter of a cup of mix shitz (beer, coke, milk, etcetc.. more gross stuff)
#2: Dress up as a drag queen, do a catwalk down the street. (Zachary's dare)
#3: Dress up as an old granny, and go ask for a magazine at the nearest shop. (Jed got that dare, and he put a false set of teeth in for more granny like appearances). Being a good friend and all, I went and teman him.

Jed|Me|Stranger dude|Bitch

-there was a stray puppy outside the shop-
*Pats puppy*
Oh look dear, what a nice kitty.
*confused look*
Grams, that a puppy.
No its not, *squint eyes* loook, *squint eyes more* it goes meow meow. Isn't that right kitty?
*wtf look*
Woof woof
Retarded kitty. *walks into the shop*

Sayang.. sayang.. help.. find.. me.. ermm..
*holds up newspaper*
Grams, thats a newspaper.
Really? OOh.. okay.
*wtf look*
Book.... book..
Which book Grams?
Big.. book..
*False teeth fell out*
*holy---cow look*
umm.. umm.. owh dear, it looks like I brop my beeth.
*picks it up, and whipe it with his scarf*
Owh, Im borry, I bguess I bidn't but it on broberly.
*walk out of the store*
*wtf,holy---cow, am-i-being-punk'd look*


We-heh-hell, then I got chosen, and I pick triple dare (fucking stupid, i know) so, Ee wei dared me to let her dress me up today.
She. Is. Going. To. Dress. Me. Up.
For. The. Party.
Where. Everyone. Can. See. Me.

life ends now. we'll see what happens when I get back.

Stalker alert

new pic.. WHOOT... Emily ;D
Thursday, Sept 11

There's nothing there.

Seriously, there is nothing in there xD


dont read the post below. it was told by a dodo head aka (EMILY/ AMIA).
post about it soon//

why i wrote tis! god knows!


jkfjuffshfjfbjgnjkfdbgbgkjgjgnjgn...here i start again..amelia here im in manju hse typing on her blog!i know u wish to b me in her hse doing tis..u can say anything like she is crazy,weird god knows!hahaha=p!wel i walk..not reali wel my dad drove me here n gosh who i saw first!MANJU!wat a shocker!i know!!!she is lame i know tat too!u can just write anything n wel she is so so not wat she think she is like she thinks she is pretty,smart,hardworking n *cough*hot*cough*!wel i shall end here n let her continue!wweeeeeee!tata!i hate u all!thanks!tune in for more of ME!


I am at peace... ugh. I hate flu.


Your Enlightenment

Anyways, I think that last post is a little hard to top, so...
I have decided that I will be editing this one, to uhh :| , "enlighten" you guys later today.
Or I may just forget... and this is all the "enlightenment" you get.
So, pray I will remember...

EDIT SOON, sleep now...

p/s: Happy belated Birthday Jerynn.