Mid-term's next week!

Woah! Ah-may-zing-nyerr!

*clap hands*

Beautiul beautiful!

P/s I found my iPod cover! Yippiee! So now you all can stop worrying :D


Baby come back to me

maths teks book, oh maths teks book.
where for art thou well-needed maths teks book?

return to my arms :(

Ryan secr-- kannasai, however u spell his name lah, sometimes gets under my skin.

Feel like throwing a US WEEKLY magazine at his face.

:( sorry lah. My maths teks book makes me feel sad. I'm so alone.

have you guys seen my teks book?

P/s I miss my maths teks book.


My aneng!

i enjoy having a brother.
i mean, what he does, just amaze me!

just now, he went down and restart the internet without saying anything.
yes siree, now all the utube videos which was half completed, will just stay half completed!


not to mention the songs which was I downloading.
those wonderful songs which took a loooong time to get to 75%, is now connection failed!

Edit: ( 45 minutes later)

wad'ya know?
he went down and did it again!

oh **** well, i guess i have to restart all the utube videos again.


P/s I love my brother


Kena tagged

stupid max

15 random facts abt urself

#1 i like the smell of new money. Dont lie, u know u do too.

#2 im related to the jonas brothers.

#3 i enjoy watching ben 10.

#4 im actually white.

#5 awesome is my middle name

#6 i hate... gel pens.

#7 i wanted a lambrogini(wtv its spelled) for christmas last year. Sadly, santa wasnt very generous.

#8 because of that, i plan to put bear traps under my chimney for him. But since i takde chimney, poisonous cokies and raw milk will have to do.

#9 if i told any of u that my dad's micheal jackson, i lied.

#10 i believe i'll make history.

#11 deep under my house lies a buried treasure.

#12 i hate doing tags

#13 i've nver tye 15 facts about myself b4.

#14 i am currently broke. Well, not currently, always.

#15 i really really hate doing tags.

#16 because im Xxtra speshiaaal, i did an xtra 1.

tag 10 ppl


#1 all
#2 the
#3 people
#4 who
#5 have
#6 no
#7 life
#8 do
#9 this
#10 larh

if i actually tag u guys, i dont think u will actually do it. so, ya la

peazee out homiezzz

P/s Max, I hate you




u had a bad day? try staying awake for 45 hours!



Oh-mother-of-all-the-mightyness! Moral project by Tuesday?

i havent done a damn thing yet!



Here I Go!

Chi choi
"eh manju, u not going for the david achu--wtvshit concert meh?"

heh heh.

amelia, like, chill dude. its only david archule"ra". right choi?
i mean, its not like he's the love of my life!
nooooo, its not like i would kill for his tickets!
nuh-uh, its not like he completes me!


invasion of privacy.

great, because of add maths, i only get to see half-an-hour of my husband face :(


IKAN YOU! (get it?)

malaypek, cinapek, indiapek, cinapek, cinapek, cinapek, indiapek

chi choi, David Archule"ra" is arriving soon.



galaxie is now rm5.



heh heh. Who has awesome teeth now, colgate? (inside joke)

ever notice, Indian movies, they don't kiss.


Mada Mada Dane

moshi moshi!

watching the first season. again.
heh heh. the advantages of having an anime freak as a brother who waste his money on this shitz.. :D


*Read Post March 29

Konserto Fahrenheit
(yes ee wei, f-a-h-r-e-n-h-e-i-t)

imagine the "F"

ooh smoke


heh heh

my shiny teeth and me.

ze crowd

jackson rathbone :O

so, everyone had a glow stick in their hands, while i have my ipod candle.

wave it like you just dont care :D

ooh fire


yes, i am cool :D

im still amazed by how "fast" my internet connection is.


Aye mami! Hey there pretty thang. You luk purty. Shucks!



broke my neck.


heh heh, april fools!

whole class fell for it, even some of the teachers.

and i am proud to say, this is my first april fools day without being fooled!

i. am. unstoppable.