About My Daay

Someone complained saying i dont update much, just "irralevent stuff" -.-
at least i update, unlike someoneee...

Anyway, how was my day today? fine if you must know, i'll tell you :)

School was the bomb diggidy, i had fun. Tell me you seriously didnt believe that.

I have Sims 3, but noo, i cant play cause my com doesn't have a GFX card. A FRIGGIN GFX CARD IS WHATS KEEPING ME FROM PLAYING SIMS!! :(

hmmm.. wat else, wat else..
I drew 2 drawings of love dying on me friends arms, and 1 love blooming on anotha. artist mah :D

gahhh.. thats it. I hope your day was MUCH more joyfull than mine. TTYL

Pimpin it out


Of Sparkles and Vampire, a Limerick

There was a vampire called Edward,
with sparkles his body was covered.

They thought him gay,
to his dismay.

That poor ass-raped vampire Edward



Im in some dunggu's hse right now aka Rina..ho..hui..something.. nvm she's not that important anyway.. XD

rina.. hope ur not reading this.. :D

wats camwhoring without kawaii-ness?

ciaozz homiezz


Leo Installation 09

look closer, u can see my retainers 8D

ellen, u flying plane issit?

heh heh..

♫Likee, byee♪


It All Started With A Penny

ok ok ok ok I WANT TO TELL U A STORY.

i was walking down the street. and i saw a penny. i picked up the penny and its head turned to me and said hello!. and im thinking holly shit.... this this is amazing. holy crap a talking penny.
i said hello back, and it exploded right in my face.... jerk!
so i continue my walk and i see a homeless guy. hes yelling its 6:00!!!!. and im like dude what u talking about its three oclock.
and and and then we had like a three hour argument about the time untill it was 6oclock.
i say u know what screw this!
i have to like go and watch Supernatural. and that u like cant come cause u suck.
so i walk home. then suddenly a bunch of flying ninja pizza's attack me out of nowwhere.
we do the whole dramatic matrix crap. and i yelled you know what this is bull.
so while one of the pizza ninjas was in matrix mode i just ate them ignooring there screams of pain.
yum yum yum pizza ninkas. im sooo evil.
so i get home watch Supernatural just in time to see Dean Winchester topless.
and and and and then 5 goblins come outta now where and kil me.


total eclipse of the heart

who said the solar eclipse will bring total darkness to the world is a LiAR!!

smack that, all on da floo'


play that funky music white boy

HEH HEH. Tribute to MJ, Black or White

Island Cafe 17/7/09


After Cheer 09




wow. its been a tough week for me, but i kinda learned sumthin.
i figured whats the point mourning the loss of a friend, when i shud be glad that he's not suffering anymore.
that i was able to be there for him all the way,
that probably he's in a better place right now. i dont know.
but i do know that, being all emo wont help, instead, its bringing my friends down too.

so here, to my friends, thanks for everything.
yea, im not good at talking mushy-mushy stuff, but do know that i appreaciate ur company alot.

*i lub euu!*

P/s AMELIA LEONG.. sumthin.. SHEAK.. sumthin...! U R NOT USELESS!

PP/s Haze here, haze here, haze here! Dont 4get yer mask!



finally have the guts to post about this.

5/7/2009 (Monday)
You were hospitalized due to lung cancer. having difficulties to breathe. since that day we visit you, i've been trying to put on a brave face in front of my friends so they wont suspect anything.
I got to school normally, hoping i wouldn't break down and cry, but hey, i manage to not let them suspect anything and let them think that probably i was in an emo mood.
giving excuses that i was down due to family matters. which was true, you were my family.

10/7/2009 (Friday)
came back from skl just like any other normal friday.
up until 9:43 p.m
, i received a call from Melissa.
"...manju....adrian..." is what she said, and i knew.

i remembered the time when we just met. u were introduced to me by Melissa. that was 3 yrs ago. since then you were like my big brother.

now.... why the hell now?!?

i dont get this no more why did adrian have to go he was so young i dont fucking get this. i cried myself to sleep for the past 2 nights since he passed on. i cant take it no more. i wish i was a little kid so i didnt no what this means but i am older now & it sucks but i am glad that i had the opportunity to spend time with you, with all our friends together. we all miss you & love you!
We will never forget you. Ever :)

where's the good in goodbye

R.I.P Adrian T 10/7/2009

i love you & miss you so much!

i dont know anymore all is what i can really do is cry. i am just sick of crying

i cant take it anymore.


Fat_Guy_Thinks_Hes_A_Dancer - Click here for this week’s top video clips
video from jed to lit me up


My Hunny Bun Sugar Plum

saya sedang dengar Paramore's Ignorance

i present to you all, Alex Meraz.
he's gonna play Paul(werewolf) in New Moon!

*fans self*

like, screw edward.

"& the lion fell in love with the lamb."
pfft, i dont care about the lion or the damn lamb!
imma take da wolf!

meow! :D


*ghetto voice*

guuurrl, no one touch, my man!


Michael Jackson, wait for me

RKA today. Nuff' said.

I now got 9 hours to live before my dad comes back and see my report card.

Bye world.


I lived. barely.

pimpin' it out