Manju conquers Penang.

Coming Soon

hooray for being home at last! 3 days may not seem so long but when you're traveling with no airconditioning, it's brutal.


The winner of the best liar award..

So american idol finale was on thursday.. and i'm too lazy too write about it, so go read other blogs.
D.C [vs] D.A
I liked them both, so I didnt realy care who won...

and because of that Ee Wei called me retarded.. just because I wasn't jumping frantically, putting up my hands and wave em' like i just dont care, when they announced his name.

and due to the strong love she have for him, she's paying me rm5 just to act like I care about the whole winning.

so, here it goes, my love for *cough* David Cook.

WOW! thurs night was the best performance so far of the whole competition!!
! watching it takes my breath away!


I had no doubt!
You gotta love David Cook.

You are so awesome! You are amazing! You are gorgeous!
You are so !&%$! impressive! (oh yeah)
We've (we, as in only ee wei) been watchin you all week this season (like I have the time) and voting our butt off!!!
Keep your eyes peeled people, this man is worth watching!!!

What an IDOL he is in every single way!!!

DAVID COOK! MARRY ME!! (kill me)

Googgled google

Ignore the previous post, I had too much free time during English exam.
I wanted to post pictures, but I dont have any, so I googled bond, and this came up:


Just some random shit to cheer up your day :D

Ladies and gentleman.. time for a confusing poem, with your host: MANJUSHA CHITTY!

Why I'm bored

I'm really bored, thinking of something to write,
Sleeping in class, bloody hell, wish it was night,
Seeing birds fly, fly, fly,
Shoot one time, *pow* for sure die.

People running here and there,
With nothing on, MY GAWD THERE BARE!
A dude trying so hard , just to touch the sky,
Known for his stupidity, people call him a sakai.

Girls dressed like guys, guys like girls,
Man they look so weird with their hair up in curls,
Bimbos talking in their bimbotic talks,
Call the runway police, they can't even walk the walk.

Baby's will keep on wailing,
Hey, look! Is that Manju sailing?
And not forgetting the peace and quiet in this country,
PLEASE! We're wayy better off in Turkey.

And this is the end of my lifeless poem,
Make sure you tune in next time, screw this! I can't even make this line rhyme.

I know this poem doesn't make much sense. But hey! can you do better??? ;D


Ancient times

Ger Me Rin

Hey, lets look drunk!
How d'ya look drunk?
You're doing it already.

Something that I just received today. This was 2 years ago.
Mhmmm, and they say teknology is fast. My arse.

I have a lot of chocolate at this house. chocolate can cure almost anything. it cured my boredom for about 3 minutes. and for you nerds out there, doctors do in fact recommend at least 1 piece of dark chocolate a day because something in it flushes out all of the bad stuff in your blood.

Anyhuuuuuuu, I will be going to 1U today with Jerynn.
Gotta get a Mother's Day gift for my momma.

Hopefully we wont take the wrong bus home and get lost again.


Another post of videos. I soo dont have a life.

i loooooooooove iron man, just watched it yesterday.
I went in expecting to hate it and came out an Iron Man fan, so, if you like comic books, you should see it. 101% totally worth it.
I had this huge grin on my face after watching it cause there's some great humorous scenes.
I'll probably watch it again.

I like the part when he hit the wall testing his.. erm.. thingies

"K, were gonna start out at 10%, and...3...2...1...go"
*whoosh, SMACK... thud*
robot extinguish fire

Robert Downey was perfect as Tony, (the script was originally proposed to Tom Crusie, turns out he was fuking dumb to turn down the part)
Anyway, Tom Cruise would have *bleeping* ruined it.
No offence to Tom Cruise lovers.
Just make sure you stay after the credits.

As for American Idol.

I should kill you all right now. DAMN!!

Yur all sick in the head!!
Brooke White is amazing!! but they HAD to kick her out.
I think David Cook will win.
He has what it takes to be *dramatic pause* American Next Idol.
I can't stand David A. (no offence again)
Especially after he completely runined Think Of Me and With You.
But I'd have to agree, every teenage girl 15 and under feel that he's the long lost Jonas Brother

(gag meh with a spoon)

some videos I watched today.

this will probably humour you. at least i hope so.

and dont do this to your aunt:

If you watched it all, consider yourself highfived.
I don't want your feedback, not really. well maybe a little.


The news for today..

police officer: "You don't think you should be punished for all of this?"

7-year old: "Just a little bit, no video games for a whole weekend."


oh oh, and
"..Fun to do bad things"

lol holy sh--- COW. This is sooooo fucked up.

some reviews:

I don't know what's more amazing. The fact that he actually stole the car or the fact that he managed to drive that far without getting killed
My dad would have beaten me half to death! Of course, I wouldn't have been stupid enough to steal his freakin' car either.